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About Us

As a tropical country, Indonesia is one of the largest exporter for coconut and coconut derivatives. As a matter of fact, Indonesia is considered to be the world’s top coconut producers. 

This is how we started. 

Alpha Sealand Globalindo is a distributing and exporting company that specializes in processing and supplying products made from organic coconut. Alpha Sealand Globalindo started its business operation based on the idea that to help the locals achieve a better life by innovating, achieving, and increasing the value of high quality products made from coconut and spices.

Our Location

Our company is located in Manado, North Sulawesi Province of Indonesia, where the heart coconuts are located. We have a close-partnership with local farmers to ensure an adequate supply of high-quality coconuts. Starting as a supplier, we are able to process and distribute various products made from coconuts. 



To become the leading supplier and largest exporter with reputable customer satisfaction and good product quality.



1. To adhere to the International Standards of Quality in order to process and manufacture organic products based on customer needs.
2. To encourage local farmers to achieve a better life by re-establishing more organic coconut and spice plantations and to ensure that the supply of coconuts and spices are adequate.
3. To help Indonesia’s Agricultural industry by increasing the product value from coconut and spices.


Customer Satisfaction

Our company continuously improves a trusted and transparent relationship with our clients by consistently valuing our commitment and ensuring superior achievement of all stakeholders.

Quality Assurance

Our company ensures that our products comply with the International quality standards and provide the best quality product.


Our company is committed in providing the best to our clients and investors at all times. We are also committed in helping the locals live a better life.


Integrity is the primary asset in our company. We optimize a transparent relationship with our clients through honesty and uprightness.

Together, We Can Make An Impact

Through a collaboration with Chornelia Foundation, we are committed in allocating 20% of our profit to help communities evolve from poverty through education, as well as financial and social support.

Meet Our Core Team

Faglyne C. G. Ramschie

Director and Founder

Edison Gonggalang

Operational Manager


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PT. Alpha Sealand Globalindo

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